Spanish Traditional Cuisine Course


We will be cooking three of the most known dishes of the Spanish cuisine . Spanish omelette, in Spanish “tortilla de patata o tortilla española” . It´s very easy to cook, basic ingredients and super flavor and smell, yummy.

Lentils with vegetables and chorizo. Amazing meal for a cold day, it will give you all power to keep going.

Cold tomato soup, well known as “Gazpacho”, refreshing starter full of vitamins.  NASA selected gazpacho as a meal for the astronauts based on its nutritional properties.




 · Spanish omelette (Tortilla española)
 · Lentils with vegetables and chorizo (Lentejas con chorizo)
 · Cold tomato soup (Gazpacho)

Dinner or Lunch at the end of the course. Sodas, regular and gluten free beer or Spanish wine is included.
All diches are GLUTEN FREE.

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: 55.00 € per person.
5% off if you buy more than 1 course at once for the same date — enter the following code: discount5 on checkout.
Maximum 6 people per course.

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