Madrid Tapas Course


Madrid is the capital of Spain. The population of the metropolitan area is calculated to be around 6 million. The city is located on the Manzanares river in the center of the country.
Eating tapas is very common in Madrid.
This is a practice of visiting several bars and ordering a number of small and varied dishes which are then shared among the people in the group. The most popular tapas in Madrid are the Tomato Spicy potatoes (patatas bravas) and Garlic mayonnaise potatoes (patatas alioli).



 · Fried broken style eggs with chorizo (Huevos rotos con Chorizo)
 · Tomato Spicy and Garlic mayonnaise potatoes (Patatas Bravas/Alioli)
 · Cod Stuffed roasted red pepper (Pimientos del Piquillo rellenos de Bacalao)
 · Goat cheese and jam on bread (Queso de cabra con mermelada y piñones)

Dinner or Lunch at the end of the course. Sodas, regular and gluten free beer or Spanish wine is included.
All dishes are GLUTEN FREE.

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: 55.00 € per person.
5% off if you buy more than 1 course at once for the same date — enter the following code: discount5 on checkout.
Maximum 6 people per course.

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