Cold Pintxos Course


A pintxo consist of a small slice of bread upon which a mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick, which gives the food its name “pintxo” meaning “spike”.

Pintxos are the perfect excuse for socializing.

Typically, a group of friends will go from one tavern to another, drinking small glasses of wine or beer and eating pintxos.



 · Spanish cured ham and tomato sauce (Pan tumaca con Jamón Serrano)
 · Smoked Salmon roll with scandinavian sauce (Rollito de salmón ahumado al estilo escandinavo)
 · Tuna paste and anchovy (Atun encebollado con anchoa)
 · Stuffed egg with prawn (Huevo relleno con gamba)
 · Spring Salad (Ensalada de primavera)
 · Sardine paste (Crema de sardinas)
 · Roquefort cream cheeese with walnuts (Queso roquefort con nueces)

Dinner or Lunch at the end of the course. Sodas, regular and gluten free beer or Spanish wine is included.
All dishes are GLUTEN FREE.

Duration: 2 hours.
Price: 55.00 € per person.
5% off if you buy more than 1 course at once for the same date — enter the following code: discount5 on checkout.
Maximum 6 people per course.

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